Permanent Makeup eyebrow tattoo procedures range from hair strokes for a very natural look to a shaded powder effect.

Tattooed results vary for each individual and can last for up to 24-36 months. A touch-up session within two months of your initial treatment is required.

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what are powder brows?

This permanent makeup technique mimics the appearance of powdered eyebrow make-up, giving a more “make-up” look, creating a pixelated look which builds layers of color that will give the “powdered” look. Essentially, the tails of the brows are darker and fade to a softer color toward the front of the brows, providing a subtle and soft powdered look.

The best candidates for this procedure are those who have oilier skin, dark course eyebrow hair, or those who desire a more filled in look. This technique also works for clients who have no hair, which would provide a more powdered make-up look.

what are combo brows?

Combo Brows are a combination of micro hairstrokes plus shading, resulting in a more defined look.

what are hairstroke brows?

This isn’t microblading, it’s the latest cutting edge technique in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Machine hairstroke brows boasts a number of solutions to problems created by microblading. This technique is great for all skin types, are significantly more gentle on your skin and your results last longer than microblading.

Machine Hairstroke brows implant pigment without cutting open or building up scar tissue on your skin. We create individual brow strands tattooed directly into the skin.

lip blush

Lip Blush is a permanent lip tattoo that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improves the shape of the lips, evens out lip color tone, helps with asymmetry, and offers the illusion of fullness. Tattooed results vary for each individual and can last for up to 2 years. A touch-up session within two months of your initial treatment is included.

Lip Blush Services
what is lip blush?

This technique is performed using tattoo needles that deposit high-quality pigments into your lips. Lip Blush delivers natural results of a lip tattoo by building layers of color.

If you have hyperpigmented lips, the first session will be considered a correction. Lip neutralization can take several sessions to fully neutralize.  An additional fee may be required when doing color neutralizing on the lips.

What is Lip Neutralization?

Lip Neutralization is a specialized treatment series for those with cool or dark lips in which we neutralize the darkness in the lips to reach a desired color. We look at your lips and neutralize them by cancelling out the original color.

Typically the treatment requires 3+ sessions and the healing process may appear orange-toned and flakey for 7 days following treatment. For more information about lip neutralization / lip lightening procedure and healing process.

saline Removal

Saline Lightening Solution is a non-chemical, non-acid, high salt based, fruit seed extract saline tattoo lightening product that is so effective it can lighten a tattoo or permanent makeup procedure to the point it is no longer visible.  Li Pigments chose very particular types of natural, clean salts in combination with each other in extremely specific percentages to achieve ultimate lightening and results. These special salts are then ground down to an exceptionally fine powder eliminating any grit and allowing quick and easy implantation and absorption. 

Lip Blush Services
what is saline tattoo removal?

In this method, tattoo removal is achieved with the use of a properly manufactured saline solution and a coil or rotary tattoo machine. The technician will go over the tattoo in the same method the tattoo was applied however, this time, instead of ink, the manufactured saline solution is implanted into the skin. Because the solution is hypertonic, it pulls the pigment to the skin’s surface. As the body forms a scab post procedure, it expels the ink during the healing process. Just like laser treatments, fading and removal will be accomplished over several treatments. Usually, it doesn’t take an expert more than 30-45 min to get done (for a 2 sq inch area).

Is Saline Tattoo Removal Safe?

Saline removal is safe for most skin types, as opposed to alternative methods that can lead to blistered, hypo/hyper pigmented or scarred skin.

It tends to be less painful than laser removal and typically, even less painful than when the tattoo was first applied.

Saline removal is not colour specific, unlike laser, meaning you may have better success treating commonly difficult to remove colours (red, orange, yellow, pale blue and white).

Saline removal actually removes ink from the body, whereas a method such as laser removal, breaks up the ink into smaller fragments and may push pigment deeper into the skin, only to then be processed by your lymphatic system.

You can easily get another tattoo on the same place once it has healed up, which may not be possible with methods like surgical removal or if scar issue has been left behind by laser treatments.

microchanneling…the next generation of microneedling

Similar to microneedling, microchanneling is a non-invasive procedure designed to stimulate your body’s natural ability to generate collagen, elastin and other building blocks of healthy skin. By stimulating the outermost layers of the skin, microchanneling can help your jump-start your body’s natural process. Increases in collagen and communication levels in the skin facilitate thicker, younger looking skin with minimal downtime.

Lip Blush Services
What is Microchanneling?

Microchanneling is a popular treatment for acne scars, surgery scars and stretch marks. Scars improvement occurs by breaking down the old tissue and fostering the development of healthier skin. When combined with cutting-edge growth factor serums, healing is improved and future signs of aging is diminished.


Microchanneling Process

Microchanneling involves a 3-stage process:

Precision micro-needles are tapped into the skin creating uniform micro-channels. A single pass over the face will create hundreds of thousands of micro-channels.

Each micro-channel is surrounded by healthy tissue, which enhances the healing process. In response to each micro-injury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen.

Over time, the repeated healing process will build new collagen, creating healthier skin, improving the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin.

Microchanneling treatments are minimally invasive, and are safe for all ages and skin types. Whether you are fair-skinned or dark, and even if you experience chronic breakouts, properly conducted microchanneling treatments will not result in hyperpigmentation, keloid scars or other lasting negative side effects.

Ideal candidates are those who seek improvement in the following areas:

Acne scars
Fine lines and wrinkles
Anti-aging or skin tightening
Hyperpigmentation (sun spots)
Pore size reduction
Stretch marks or other traumatic scarring
Hair growth

Microchanneling vs. Microneedling

The main differences between microchanneling and microneedling are the type of device used to perform the treatment and the technique that is used. A microneedling device involves the use of a handheld roller covered in tiny needles which is dragged over the skin. This method can actually tear the skin.

Instead, the microchanneling device encompasses a linear stamping technique, resulting in clean, consistent micro-channels. This reduced tissue damage results in reduced inflammation and substantially decreased discomfort for clients. Reduced inflammation means less downtime. Typical downtime after a microchanneling treatment is 60-90 minutes, compared to days of downtime with microneedling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it hurt?

A: With minimal physical discomfort, most clients are able to do the procedure without numbing cream and without any noticeable pain. There is no lingering discomfort, and we have a number of strategies we employ to minimize discomfort during treatment. Post-procedure, most people report a “tight” feeling in their skin.

Q: What is in the serum?

A: ProCell’s Microchannel Delivery Serum contains bone marrow-derived growth factors in a hyaluronic acid suspension. Both of these elements are naturally-occurring in the human body. There are no human, animal, or plant cells, DNA, blood, or any other foreign substances. The product has been used safely and effectively for over a decade.

Q: My skin is irritated. Can I use moisturizer?

A: It is normal for treatments to result in some skin irritation, especially for clients with more sensitive skin. Always wait a minimum of 90 minutes before putting anything else on the skin. During this time it is normal for the skin to remain pink or light red. After the 90 minutes you can apply additional moisturizer or other products. Keep in mind however, that as your skin may be more sensitive than usual for several days after the treatment, especially strong topicals should be avoided until the skin returns to normal.

Q: How long before I can expect to see results?

A: Though neocollagenesis (the production of new collagen) can take several weeks, it is not abnormal to notice an improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin within the first 24 hours. After 2-3 treatments a thicker more robust, collagen filled cellular matrix will produce more consistent and noticeable improvement. And 6 or more treatments may be recommended for scarring, laxity and wrinkles.

Q: Are there any contraindications?

A: If you have any underlying condition that significantly impairs your immune system, it is a good idea to avoid microchanneling. Examples include but are not limited to active radiation or chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, chronic inflammatory skin disease, Accutane in the past 2 years, hemophilia or similar bleeding disorder. Also anyone with stainless steel allergies should not do this treatment. We also discourage treatments for those who are pregnant or nursing.

Q: Do I have to use the Microchanneling solution / aftercare serums?

A: Microchanneling stimulates the body to release peptides, cytokines and growth factors that induce collagen production. As you get older, the stem cells that produce these vital proteins lose efficacy and decline in population, so microchanneling alone becomes less and less effective. Because of premature aging, the Microchannel Delivery Serum and the post care Cellular Renewal Serum and Healing Accelerator Serum become more vital to improvement. Use of the ProCell aftercare products ensure the skin continuously receives potent, robust, pristine peptides, cytokines and growth factors even in between treatments. Think of diet and exercise – microchanneling without serums is like exercising without dieting. Results can be good with microchanneling only, but are significantly amplified with serums.

Eleven & Rose is proud to offer ProCell Microchanneling. One of our most popular treatments, microchanneling can drastically improve the appearance and feel of your skin. Call our office to schedule your free skin care consultation (in person or via Zoom) to learn more about microchanneling.


Free consultations for cosmetic tattoo procedures are done over video. The cost for an in-person 3D Eyebrow Design consultation is $50. The cost of consultation will be applied to any treatment booked.

Permanent Makeup Studio
In-person consultations & candidacy

Our In-Person 3D eyebrow design consultation is $50 and by appointment. In-person consultations last for for about 1 hour. This will allow us perform a  3D eyebrow design consultation as well as answer all questions & help you decide if you’re a good candidate for permanent makeup. The cost of consultation will be applied to any treatment booked.

What to expect during your appointment

When you come for your consultation or procedure, it is always nice, but not necessary for us to see how you’ve been applying your eyebrow makeup. When evaluating your eyebrows, we will change the design and placement of one of your brows. We will compare our design to your design, just remember it is what you like, and not what we like.

In addition, we will evaluate your facial features and skin tone and make suggestions for pigment color. Please remember to bring your brow makeup with you to the consultation so that we may better understand your color preferences.

After completion of any Permanent Makeup procedure, you will need to review our aftercare instructions that will be provided after your procedure. You will be given the proper topical gel for application to your procedure area. Approximately 6 to 8 weeks after your initial procedure, you will return for your scheduled touch-up for any areas that may need additional color.

In person consultations are nice, but not always necessary. We can schedule a video consultation.  

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy is 72-hours.  If less than 72-hours notice is given you will forfeit your deposit and we reserve the right to charge up to 50% of your procedure pricing for all no call no shows. Please feel free to text us your cancellation if that is easier and we will reschedule your appointment: 805-231-7015