Please Review Prior To Your Appointment

before care instructions

things to consider before booking

Do not work out the day of the procedure as the body heat expands the pores. It is recommended not to sweat for the first 14 days after the procedure. Sweat is salt and will prematurely fade, blur or cause the pigment not to take.​ Please get your eyebrows waxed or tinted 72-hours prior to your scheduled procedure. It is recommended to wait at least 10 days post-procedure to have them waxed & 30 days post-procedure to have them tinted.​

Please feel free to come to your appointment with your eyebrows penciled the way you like them. Bring your colored pencil of choice.​ Remember, no two sides of the face are the same. Perfection is our goal, but note that nothing is perfect. We do not use the “P” word when doing permanent makeup. Your brows are sisters, not twins.​ Permanent Makeup is an art, not a science. Your results will vary and using a pencil or powder may still be needed.​ Fading will happen after each procedure.

If you bleach your eyebrows it is recommended not to have this procedure done. The chemicals will bleach the hair & the pigment as well.​

If you have undergone laser removal of the eyebrows, please note that there is now more scar tissue, which can cause the pigment to fade prematurely or look blurry. There is also a chance that the pigment will not take at all.

We will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure upon reviewing your pictures after the removal process is complete. The old pigment has to be 80% gone. ​If there are any blemishes, pimples, active cold sores, irritation of the skin of any kind, bruises or other skin imperfections in or around the area of the procedure, we will not perform the procedure until the blemish or area of concern are completely healed.​

things to avoid before your appointment
  • You cannot have a tan on your face at time of appointment, as pigments will heal darker in tan skin. Tan skin bleeds therefore pigment will not take and will look blurred. It is recommended to reduce sun exposure 30 days prior to your appointment and 30 days after.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine the day of & the day prior to the procedure, this will minimize any oozing, bleeding, or swelling after the procedure.
  • Botox should not be performed 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after the procedure.
  • No chemical peels 60 days prior or 60 days after your procedure (avoiding the forehead is recommended). If you do frequent peels, the eyebrows will fade much quicker due to the chemicals traveling under the skin.​
  • Retinols/Retin-A, or other anti-aging creams or serums containing acids will fade your permanent makeup prematurely, even after it’s healed. You must be off all Retinols/Retina-A 30 days prior to your appointment. If not the procedure area will bleed, looked blurred, and pigment will not heal properly.​
  • You must be off Accutane for 1 year prior to your procedure. No Exceptions.​
review our policies before making an appointment

To ensure that you are a good candidate for permanent makeup, please review our FAQ page before booking an appointment.